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The AMH News Syndicate
Online Newspaper Version 1.0
The AMH News Syndicate newspaper online version,we are try to build the blog and page The Amhnews Syndicate as the mass media published online.With our online presence is expected to continue to exist in the world of news and information has become public rights.
Background; The AMH News Syndicate as media company that is very small and unable to move to compete with big media, but we continue to strive to continue building our business in lye dying monetary crisis and the actions downs of global economic crisis.With our spirit,we are still indicate the existence of us to keep giving and offering news and information with the packaging requirements adjusted during this time, where the computers and the internet to grow like mushrooms rainy season.
Results; We want to keep developing and developed world to oversee the development of world civil society.We must actively participate to keep the peace, unity and the nations in word to joint in combat to remove and entire the homeless, poverty, backwardness, resistance, and disable colonization.
Conclusions ; We present what is right should be the public information and news from many different link, we understand what you are already a requirement.We are the media that published the online. We are in place in the facabook application to build and grow together to embrace the information age of today is no longer confined between distance, time and space. Thus our existence provide information to the public is our identity that indicates we are still there with you giving information that a sharp, reliable and balanced.We still exist providing news and information from our own formula, of course it is not separated from the input and constructive criticism from readers and our fans.

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